Sunday, May 24, 2009

What we would call....Chillaxin

Luke is at the age where he is growing and changing every day! He enjoys pulling himself up on everything he can and "cruising" through the house. He is a joy to watch as he moves and explores every day. He is starting to say little words, although not directed at anyone in particular, like Hi, Mama, Daddy, Adyie (his girlfriend at the sitters), and baba. The following pictures are of him chillaxin (chillin and relaxin). This morning he pulled his legs out from under his high chair and rested them on his tray as if he was sun bathing! And....he thought it was hysterical! Enjoy the pictures.

Baseball Season!

Well baseball season has officially begun and now, it is almost over! I can't believe it! We signed Trenton up for baseball this year during the spring season since he aged out of the summer ball program. Trenton has made so much progress this year and has gotten really good at his striking skills! He has been able to hit the ball on most pitches (machine pitched) with good force. We are still working on his skills in the field but they have also improved. His team has won all of their games except for one so that has also been a plus this season! Here are some pictures of him up to bat and playing catcher (a great position for him because he has to focus every pitch). We are proud of his progress and hard work this season!

Catching Up!

Luke and Macey in Michigan

Auntie La La and Luke in Minnesota at the Zoo

The boys on Easter

Since it has been a while I am posting some pictures from our trip to Michigan in early April, my trip to Minnesota with Luke in late April, and Easter with the boys! Enjoy!