Sunday, November 14, 2010

More pictures....Fall, Football and Halloween!

The past post had pics from Luke's trip to the Pumpkin Patch and the boys day of fun at Hershey Park! See below pictures of Trenton's pigs and some random others!

Fall Happenings...

So, never a dull moment in this house! Guess that's why my sister has to kindly remind me to "update the blog". So, here goes! Last posting we were working through Trenton's school year and we continue to do so. Things have been far from perfect or great for that matter but we are working the best as a family or "team" to help guide him. It's very hard because at night when all is quiet and the kiddos are sleeping I often think- is there anything else we can do for him, more than we already are? It's exhausting and saddening at times but we have decided that this "team" approach will put everyone on the same page-along with some help from the outside therapeutic world!

Lucas continues to grow and thrive every day. His vocabulary is expanded daily, he continues to sing songs and he talks about shapes! This might very well be one of the best ages (2 1/2) ever, who would have thought? Yes, there are some bad and embarrassing tantrums but they are worth it to see how much he is learning. For example, tonight I was cleaning up dishes and he was standing in the hallway with his Lightening McQueen car. I heard him saying something but wasn't sure exactly what he was saying-until I turned around and saw him. He was standing on his car with one hand on the wheel and one on the back of the car saying "skateboard, skateboard". OH MY! I couldn't believe he was trying to ride the car as if it were a skateboard...and where or where did he learn that??????? Of course, it's difficult to tell him "it's not safe", "you will fall", "get down", blah blah blah.....He looked so cute and was doing a pretty good job! Maybe when he is a little bit older we will get him a skateboard.

Well for me and the hubby, we are also surviving. We are looking forward to an upcoming vacation to Disney with my Mom, Chuck and J-La! Be prepared to see some great pictures of the adventure!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Again, a bad blogger

Well, I can't say I don't try. I often open up the Four J's blog, look at it and think I should add something (and boy do I have lots of things to say) but I never seem to have the time! I hope to add some pictures of the fair and tell you all about Trenton showing his pigs in the Clarke County Fair this summer. Just waiting for that sister of mine to send pics my way! Hint, Hint J-La!

Trenton is in full swing of his LAST year of elementary school! It actually brings a few tears to my eyes to think that the year Jonnie and I got married and moved into this house Trenton was beginning kindergarten!! How did we get to this point? Where has the time gone? I often look back and wonder if I truly relished in all the wonderful moments we have had as a family up to this point. Time passes too quickly and if there is anything I have learned it's to cherish every moment because you never know when it might be your last. He still continues to have his struggles through this school year so far but we take it day to day. Unfortunately, the bad days are beginning to outweigh the good but we are optimistic that he will hit a growth spurt allowing for more maturity.

Lucas on the other growing like a weed and beginning to really talk up a storm. I try to remember funny things he says and does so that I can tell the family and friends afar but as usual, I often forget. Tonight he managed to tell me that the remote was "broken, t.v. broken" and "uh oh, Daddy gone" when Jonnie left to pick up something from the store. These are some of the first times I have been able to understand the words that he is actually putting into sentences. He gets this expression on his face where he raises his eyebrows and looks at you like-don't you get what I am saying! He is doing well in his new preschool and seems to really enjoy it. He behaves well too and is learning a lot about shapes, colors, numbers, etc. He had a virus in the beginning of the month and is now fighting off the "crud" as the Dr. called it. However, there seems to be NO lasting effects from the Acute Cerebellar Ataxia that he suffered this summer. We are very happy about that!

Stay tuned as I promised to some pictures! Lucas does not let us take pictures of him but we can always count on Trenton and his usual cheesy grin. I don't have very many but I will dig some out from our recent trip to Hershey Park and definitely the Clarke County Fair. Enjoy the Fall weather!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Running, Running, and Running, Running....

Well, maybe it should be called jogging. Either way, I have been doing a lot of it lately with, as usual, NO results! It's beyond annoying. What's that you say? "Muscle weighs more than fat" and "don't your pants fit you differently?" NO! I am still overweight and carrying around that extra baby weight and it is almost two years later. I have been fighting this now for a year and half with absolutely no results. I have tried weight watchers and various other diets and am to the point that I think I could not eat anything all day for days and I would still be overweight!!!

So, I continue to run/jog and despite the lack of weight loss I am actually beginning to enjoy myself. I have been able to run about 2 miles a day for about three to four days a week! I had to find a way to push myself further and thanks to advice from friends rather than push myself to do it faster, I began to push myself to run further. So, I have been able to run three miles at a time and even last week I managed to run four miles after work! I was so impressed with myself.

I need to stop getting on the scale and just be proud of myself for my "inner beauty". I may not be happy with my body but I know that there is a health benefit in all of this! I have to learn to just be happy with myself and every time at look into the eyes of my sweet baby boy, I know that it was worth every pound gained!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Can What???????

Well, that's the question that has been asked when I tell everybody what I did for Easter! It was actually an "Easter Can Hunt" and let me tell you that there is nothing like watching a bunch of adults running around grabbing as many beer cans/bottles as you can before they are all taken! I mean, we all want to get the most right? That makes you the winner and we all like to win! Good thing it was all going in one cooler to be taken to the chicken coop that night! Are you now asking yourself what I mean when I say chicken coop? That's right, we party in a chicken coop (formally) which is now decked out with, well....... us, a few tables, chairs, coolers and whatever farm equipment can fit while we are all standing in there. My mom tells me that since more than half of us (the cousins) are over the age of 30 we should be done with all this partying in the chicken coop but year after year and holiday after holiday we all find ourselves there late at night enjoying the time together and the memories we make. I think it's worth every minute, even if I can't hang past midnight anymore these days.

The rest of the trip to PA was packed with the usual run around! I took the boys up during the day on Friday and we picked up Nana and went to visit Papa in the nursing home. He was just recently placed there due to his dementia and the unfortunate progress of the disease. He lit up when he saw the little kids but has trouble recognizing any of us. He remembers Nana and enjoys holding her hand which is to be expected after 60+ years of marriage! On Saturday we did our usual trip to the mall and our typical "scurring" about prior to the kids Easter egg hunt. It was great seeing all the cousins and their kids-it's hard to believe there are so many of them and how fast they grow! Check out the picture below of the three boys celebrating their first Easter! We missed Auntie Lala like crazy because she was stuck in Minnesota. It's never the same without her:( We love you J-La!! Shane(Nadine's baby), Carter (Kristy's baby) and Nate (Melissa's baby)

On Sunday we had a blessed day at church and in addition to it being Easter Sunday, Carter Crosby was baptized. We had a nice dinner and Jonnie left with the boys to visit with his family. I stayed behind and took Nana so we could visit with Papa one more time before I left. I want to enjoy every moment I have with him even if it's quiet and all we do is look at each other. It was worth every minute.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad Blogger

I am such a bad blogger! I haven't posted since last year! Wow! Funny thing is that I said after I was done with my certificate program I would have more time to devote posting blogs about my wonderful children. We see how that turned out. All I have to say is as a mom you know that time is limited! Especially with two kids, one who is almost 10 and one who will be 2 in July! Where does the time go?

Trenton has been having a great year at school this year and I credit the change to a wonderful staff and administration at his new school. They have been completely supportive to him and have helped him nurture and grow into a fine young man! He is active in the school chorus and is also playing bells and singing in the church choir. He decided not to play baseball this spring because he is gearing up to buy his hogs and lambs for his 4-H debut! I laugh because I asked Jonnie who would be helping Trenton, if Jonnie had to work or was out of town, feed and care for his animals. He looked at me lovingly and said "you"! I didn't know that by Trenton joining 4-H I would be tied to being not only a supportive mom but a hands-on mom who would need to learn how to care for the animals as well.

Luke is growing wonderfully and is growing way too fast! I miss the moments of holding him as an infant but I do love watching him learn new things every day. He loves to run and play outside and has even cried when I pick him up from the sitters because he doesn't want to leave the outside sand table. He has been fairly healthy till February when he had breathing difficulties and the beginning to an ear infection. It took a month to clear out but he is back to his old self spinning in circles as I type!

Many additions have been added to both the Hornbaker family as well as my cousins from PA! We enjoy the moments the kids have with their cousins and love that they always have someone to play with wherever we go. When Jonnie and I were first married we were one of the only couples with a child so I enjoy watching everyone else chase after their kids too!

I promise to do a better job, especially for Aunt La La who often reminds me to pick up the pace and keep her updated on our life! I vow to no longer be a bad blogger!