Saturday, October 3, 2009

More pictures!

Here are some more pictures from the summer. Some from Epcot, Antonia and Sarah's visit, etc.

Okay, so once again....Jocelyn pointed out that fact that I have not updated the blog in forever. Summer got very busy and now that school started again, time has slipped away. We had a wonderful summer filled with fun trips! We went to Myrtle Beach with the Crosby family and had a blast. It was the first vacation in a while and was well worth the trip. Trenton loves the beach and the water so he was easy to entertain. Luke, on the other hand, hated the beach only because he wasn't walking yet and whenever he crawled through the sand he got covered in it. I think it will be better next year, at least I hope. Macey was a joy to watch as she explored the beach, played, and ATE the sand!!!

After our trip to the beach, Trenton stayed with Grammie at the beach, Jonnie drove home, and Nana made a drive up from Florida to pick up me and Luke! We had an 11 1/2 hour drive back to Florida but there was never a dull moment. Luke and I spent about a week in FL and we got to go to Disney for one of the weekends! Nana, Papa and I took him to Epcot and got to meet some of the characters. We visited Las Olas, the beach and of course shopped during our time there.

By the time Luke and I flew home summer was almost over. Trenton stayed three weeks at the beach with Grammie and had some time with Grampie there too. He had a hard time adjusting when he came home but we all survived.

Towards the end of the summer we had a visit from the Raukers (Sarah and Antonia) and the Greenfields also came by briefly. Luke had a fun time with his future wife, although I think he scared her a few times with his aggressiveness. Nana also returned at the end of the summer to spend some time with the family before we all got back into the routine of the school year. See below some pics from the summer time!