Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Again, a bad blogger

Well, I can't say I don't try. I often open up the Four J's blog, look at it and think I should add something (and boy do I have lots of things to say) but I never seem to have the time! I hope to add some pictures of the fair and tell you all about Trenton showing his pigs in the Clarke County Fair this summer. Just waiting for that sister of mine to send pics my way! Hint, Hint J-La!

Trenton is in full swing of his LAST year of elementary school! It actually brings a few tears to my eyes to think that the year Jonnie and I got married and moved into this house Trenton was beginning kindergarten!! How did we get to this point? Where has the time gone? I often look back and wonder if I truly relished in all the wonderful moments we have had as a family up to this point. Time passes too quickly and if there is anything I have learned it's to cherish every moment because you never know when it might be your last. He still continues to have his struggles through this school year so far but we take it day to day. Unfortunately, the bad days are beginning to outweigh the good but we are optimistic that he will hit a growth spurt allowing for more maturity.

Lucas on the other hand.....is growing like a weed and beginning to really talk up a storm. I try to remember funny things he says and does so that I can tell the family and friends afar but as usual, I often forget. Tonight he managed to tell me that the remote was "broken, t.v. broken" and "uh oh, Daddy gone" when Jonnie left to pick up something from the store. These are some of the first times I have been able to understand the words that he is actually putting into sentences. He gets this expression on his face where he raises his eyebrows and looks at you like-don't you get what I am saying! He is doing well in his new preschool and seems to really enjoy it. He behaves well too and is learning a lot about shapes, colors, numbers, etc. He had a virus in the beginning of the month and is now fighting off the "crud" as the Dr. called it. However, there seems to be NO lasting effects from the Acute Cerebellar Ataxia that he suffered this summer. We are very happy about that!

Stay tuned as I promised to yes...post some pictures! Lucas does not let us take pictures of him but we can always count on Trenton and his usual cheesy grin. I don't have very many but I will dig some out from our recent trip to Hershey Park and definitely the Clarke County Fair. Enjoy the Fall weather!