Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Running, Running, and Running, Running....

Well, maybe it should be called jogging. Either way, I have been doing a lot of it lately with, as usual, NO results! It's beyond annoying. What's that you say? "Muscle weighs more than fat" and "don't your pants fit you differently?" NO! I am still overweight and carrying around that extra baby weight and it is almost two years later. I have been fighting this now for a year and half with absolutely no results. I have tried weight watchers and various other diets and am to the point that I think I could not eat anything all day for days and I would still be overweight!!!

So, I continue to run/jog and despite the lack of weight loss I am actually beginning to enjoy myself. I have been able to run about 2 miles a day for about three to four days a week! I had to find a way to push myself further and thanks to advice from friends rather than push myself to do it faster, I began to push myself to run further. So, I have been able to run three miles at a time and even last week I managed to run four miles after work! I was so impressed with myself.

I need to stop getting on the scale and just be proud of myself for my "inner beauty". I may not be happy with my body but I know that there is a health benefit in all of this! I have to learn to just be happy with myself and every time at look into the eyes of my sweet baby boy, I know that it was worth every pound gained!