Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad Blogger

I am such a bad blogger! I haven't posted since last year! Wow! Funny thing is that I said after I was done with my certificate program I would have more time to devote posting blogs about my wonderful children. We see how that turned out. All I have to say is as a mom you know that time is limited! Especially with two kids, one who is almost 10 and one who will be 2 in July! Where does the time go?

Trenton has been having a great year at school this year and I credit the change to a wonderful staff and administration at his new school. They have been completely supportive to him and have helped him nurture and grow into a fine young man! He is active in the school chorus and is also playing bells and singing in the church choir. He decided not to play baseball this spring because he is gearing up to buy his hogs and lambs for his 4-H debut! I laugh because I asked Jonnie who would be helping Trenton, if Jonnie had to work or was out of town, feed and care for his animals. He looked at me lovingly and said "you"! I didn't know that by Trenton joining 4-H I would be tied to being not only a supportive mom but a hands-on mom who would need to learn how to care for the animals as well.

Luke is growing wonderfully and is growing way too fast! I miss the moments of holding him as an infant but I do love watching him learn new things every day. He loves to run and play outside and has even cried when I pick him up from the sitters because he doesn't want to leave the outside sand table. He has been fairly healthy till February when he had breathing difficulties and the beginning to an ear infection. It took a month to clear out but he is back to his old self spinning in circles as I type!

Many additions have been added to both the Hornbaker family as well as my cousins from PA! We enjoy the moments the kids have with their cousins and love that they always have someone to play with wherever we go. When Jonnie and I were first married we were one of the only couples with a child so I enjoy watching everyone else chase after their kids too!

I promise to do a better job, especially for Aunt La La who often reminds me to pick up the pace and keep her updated on our life! I vow to no longer be a bad blogger!