Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rubber Ducky, You're the One.....

You make bath time so much fun! Well, Luke is at the age where he is transitioning through many things like car seats, strollers, and yes-the bath tub! He grew out of his infant tub at four weeks because he was so long. Then, he began using a bath cradle in the big tub but has outgrown that as well because he prefers to sit up. However, since his sitting ability is not up to par, he often slides all over the tub and trying to bathe an almost 7 month old while holding on to them with one hand can be extremely difficult.

So, while using up some of my left over gift cards at babies-r-us, I found the Munchkin Inflatable Safety Duck Tub which as you can see from the video, he loved! It may take up a lot of space but I think it's worth it considering the fact that he enjoyed it and he can be more independent during bath time.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A play date!

Well, this week started off good when Luke had a play date with Will! Renee and Will came over for lunch and even made the trip through the first snowfall of the season. Things went well and the boys hit it off-from pulling at hair, taking off socks, to just staring at each other-they seemed to enjoy themselves. Trenton missed all the action because he was with Grammie but he was getting anything he wanted so I don't think he missed much at home. Overall, a nice day enjoyed by all.

As for the end of this week, this house has the sick bug again and it's been tough! I am very blessed to have a wonderful husband who is the love of my life because I couldn't do it without him. I was so sick on Wed. night that by Thurs. morning I could hardly get out of bed. He took care of both kids in the morning and shipped them out for the day. Then, he made me a Dr's appointment, since I had no voice, and even came home in the middle of the day to drive me to the Dr's! What a wonderful hubby! He's the best.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Something he gets from Mommy?

So, in attempt to load the first video, I took a clip of Luke in his exersaucer. He also had the hiccups and while he looks just like Jonnie I realized that perhaps he gets one thing from me. The loud obnoxious hiccups that seem not to want to go away. And the hair??? We are not totally sure where he gets that from but it's always out of control, even from the day he was born.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why the Four J's?

So, you may be asking why the four J's? For those of you who know us well you know that we all have names that start with a J but our children are called by their middle names, thus confusing all. When Trenton was younger and we traveled by plane for the first time, I kept reminding him that if they ask if he is Joseph, he needed to respond with a resounding "yes" so people didn't think I was kidnapping him! Now, with baby Jonathan in the picture, it makes us the four J's but he too goes by his middle name-Lucas.

The next question may be why the blog? I have been so jealous of my friends who have them and always wanted to create one of my own but never had the time. I still don't have the time but I have vowed that after my last grad class is over, I will have more time to blog. Besides, my family is far away for the most part, except for my Dad and Toonces (I'll explain that name later too), so I thought this would be a good way to keep them updated and let them see baby Luke grow into a young man as Trenton has! So, wish me luck and I hope that there will be much more for you to read in the future! Now I just have to figure out how to post videos and pictures and we will be well on our way. Good thing I can type pretty fast!