Friday, June 26, 2009

Catching up AGAIN!!!

Kim's Graduation
Corn on the Cob.....Yum!!!

Truly there
are no excuses for not posting new pics and info on the kids! I am officially out of school for the summer time as of this week and have nothing better to do then chase the kids around all day!!!!

Well since the last posting Trenton is 9! (May 11, 2000) Actually, probably before the last posting but I am still working on getting some pics from that day. He was sick as a dog and we ended up taking him to urgent care as the guests were arriving at his house. Not to mention the fact that since baseball season was in full swing and the rain caused so many cancellations and postponements, we kept pushing back his party every day! The good news was that he got to stay home with his Uncle Nickie (Thanks Nickie) the next day and catch up on some well needed rest. I will post pics of that special day sometime soon.

Luke continues to grow, he is definitely 25 lbs or heavier by now! He has had three, count them, THREE haircuts already-before his first birthday! It is so sad but true....... I have never seen a kid with so much hair and if he was a girl I would just let it grow but since he is a boy I feel bad that his hair is hanging in his face. He is now pointing at objects and babbling like crazy. Some words are understandable while others are not. We are trying to get rid of the nuk except for at night and nap and he is now "taking it out and throwing it away" after night sleep and nap time. He is still not walking but he is definitely standing on his own at times. He has grown so much and I almost tear up at the thought that my baby is turning one next weekend!!!!

I am posting random pics of the kids from recent events....Cousin Kim graduated from High School -go Kim! Also, shots taken here at the house and pics of Trenton finishing his first swim class!