Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Can What???????

Well, that's the question that has been asked when I tell everybody what I did for Easter! It was actually an "Easter Can Hunt" and let me tell you that there is nothing like watching a bunch of adults running around grabbing as many beer cans/bottles as you can before they are all taken! I mean, we all want to get the most right? That makes you the winner and we all like to win! Good thing it was all going in one cooler to be taken to the chicken coop that night! Are you now asking yourself what I mean when I say chicken coop? That's right, we party in a chicken coop (formally) which is now decked out with, well....... us, a few tables, chairs, coolers and whatever farm equipment can fit while we are all standing in there. My mom tells me that since more than half of us (the cousins) are over the age of 30 we should be done with all this partying in the chicken coop but year after year and holiday after holiday we all find ourselves there late at night enjoying the time together and the memories we make. I think it's worth every minute, even if I can't hang past midnight anymore these days.

The rest of the trip to PA was packed with the usual run around! I took the boys up during the day on Friday and we picked up Nana and went to visit Papa in the nursing home. He was just recently placed there due to his dementia and the unfortunate progress of the disease. He lit up when he saw the little kids but has trouble recognizing any of us. He remembers Nana and enjoys holding her hand which is to be expected after 60+ years of marriage! On Saturday we did our usual trip to the mall and our typical "scurring" about prior to the kids Easter egg hunt. It was great seeing all the cousins and their kids-it's hard to believe there are so many of them and how fast they grow! Check out the picture below of the three boys celebrating their first Easter! We missed Auntie Lala like crazy because she was stuck in Minnesota. It's never the same without her:( We love you J-La!! Shane(Nadine's baby), Carter (Kristy's baby) and Nate (Melissa's baby)

On Sunday we had a blessed day at church and in addition to it being Easter Sunday, Carter Crosby was baptized. We had a nice dinner and Jonnie left with the boys to visit with his family. I stayed behind and took Nana so we could visit with Papa one more time before I left. I want to enjoy every moment I have with him even if it's quiet and all we do is look at each other. It was worth every minute.